Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I is for Illes #AtoZChallenge

I don't know why this is a hard rule to observe:
Don't follow strangers into holes in the ground!!!

Origin:  Iceland and other parts of Scandinavia
Description: Illes are dark, ugly and hairy trolls.  They only come out at night.  Did I mention they are completely naked?
Disposition: Illes are able to change appearances at will. They play beautiful music and turn themselves into beautiful maidens with the aim of luring the unsuspecting into their underground world.  The mortal will pine away for the beautiful maiden after their real form is revealed.  One should refrain from touching them as well for their skin will make a person sick.


  1. I follow that rule religiously! :D

  2. Very cool! I don't know much about Icelandic fairy tales, folk tales. I love your theme for the month.


    1. Thanks! I hope you come back and check out the rest of the posts this month. I do write a Faerie Friday post most Fridays. They are longer posts than the ones I am doing for this challenge.

  3. I pretty much don't go into dark holes if I can help it.

    Happy A to Z,

  4. Awesome blog! I'll definitely be back because I love folklore. :)

  5. Fun post! Thanks for visiting and following my blog. You will probably like my latest novel in the works: the Tuatha de Danann and Lakota legends mix it up in post-Katrina New Orleans of all places! LOL. Roland

  6. Cool! Illes would make wonderful characters in a book. Great post!

  7. I think we have 'em in America, only ours make use of singles bars and massive quantities of alcohol to change their appearance.