Friday, October 28, 2011

Raw Head and Blood Bones

Along with worrying whether my feet were hanging over the edge if the bed or not, I had this deep ceded fear that something was going to grab my ankles when I descended the stairs to my grandmother’s basement.  She used to do a lot of canning and she would send me down for a jar of tomatoes or apple sauce or even venison.  Thank god her body-size freezer was in her kitchen or would have had to go down their much more often.

I would slowly open the basement door.  You know, just in case there was something there.  I’d turn the light on and crane my neck around to see if something was lurking in the shadows.  When I was satisfied that I had done all I could do, I would hold my breath and run as fast as I could down the steps.  I was lucky I didn’t fall and break my pathetic coward neck.  I think I did this into my teens.

Raw Head and Bloody Bones (one person, not a deadly duo) is an English Nursery Bogey.  He takes a humanoid figure with blood dripping down his face.  He sits on a pile of the bones of children who have told lies or said bad words.  In some stories he lurks in stagnant ponds or under the stairs.  Yes, folks, it’s not just Harry Potter living under the stairs.   Raw Head and Bloody Bones waits, biding his time to snatch up a misbehaving child.

I’m so thankful that I didn’t know this story as a child or I would have never gone down into the basement. 

I think this will be my Halloween costume this year.  I’ll wear a tag that says:


Raw Head and Bloody Bones

No one is going to get it.  I think I’ll wear a hat.  Raw Head and Blood Bones needs a hat. 

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