Friday, October 21, 2011

An Attorcroppe in the Grass

I have been contemplating this week’s Faerie Friday since I wrote last week’s Faerie Friday.  First I was going to write about Kobolds and then I was going to write about the Nix  -- one a nasty, pickax wielding dwarf and the other a drag-you-to-the-bottom-of-the-lake-to-your-doom water faerie.  Neither was doing it for me this week.  I may revisit them on a future date.  Yesterday I came across a creature that I had never heard of before – the Attorcroppe.

The Attorcroppe hales from Saxony and its name translates into “little poison head.”  The Attorcroppe looks like a small, upright snake with arms and legs.  It is extremely malicious to humans.  It is active at night and can be found wherever you find regular snakes – near rivers, woodlands and under rocks.  It was probably a manifestation of the human fear of poisonous snakes or maybe just a salamander* performing a circus trick.

Yeah, I appreciate that the Attorcroppe isn’t a particularly fascinating creature, but on a side note, I once told a guy with a shaved head that he looked like a penis with arms and legs.  It was the midst of an argument over music at a party.  I apologized.  I was out of line, but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t true.

I have been contemplating moving Faerie Friday to Wednesdays.  I know that doesn’t seem to make any sense, but it breaks up the week better.  I’ll have to come with a better name.  Faerie Friday on Wednesday just won’t work.  Any suggestions?

Tomorrow I will be posting Part One of my post Troll!!!  Next week I will be doing a few special Halloween posts.  Make sure to come back and check them out.  I promise they will be better than today’s.

*Not to be confused with fire elemental Salamander.  I was referring to a regular salamander.


  1. As usual, I laughed out loud about three times. Great post.

    And I love Faerie Fridays! Maybe you could post your weekend post on Wednesdays? Although I like having something to read on Saturdays as well...

  2. Hi Buffy,

    I know it's a bit late in the day to be responding to a October 2011 post, and I don't know whether you're still checking this excellent blog, but I hope you get this. I was curious about your source for the attorcroppe. It came to my attention recently, and has prompted a discussion on the Fortean Times Message Board

    As you can see, neither a prominent cryptozoologist nor an expert on folklore had heard of the creature before I mentioned it, and any leads you could offer would be gratefully received. Our collective suspicion is that its origins are not in folklore at all, but in some modern source.