Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Black Annis

Medusa Head -- Istanbul. 
Not relevant but a pretty nifty photo.

On another Halloween a few years later, I dressed up as Medusa. I know. I see the pattern here as well – my unnatural obsession with mythological characters.  Not to mention the two day hangover that followed both Halloweens.  It’s possible this is why I don’t like Halloween parties anymore.  I don’t look forward to the recovery time.  Heaven forbid I go to a party dressed like a normal Naughty Kitty and sip Diet Coke.  I digress. 

Oh, Medusa made me think Gorgon and that made me think Hag.  Mythology is full of Crones and Hags and generally unpleasant woman.  Take the story of Hansel and Gretel (witch that wanted to bake with them, literally), Snow White (the witch/Queen, not Snow White), Sleeping Beauty (again, witch not Sleeping Beauty.)   What do all of these stories have in common?  A horrible bitch that wants to ruin their lives. 
I can think of one that easily tops those three.

Black Annis is the demon hag from Danes Hills, outside Leicester in England.  It has been theorized that she derived for the goddess Danu.  Hmm, mother goddess to horrible old woman?  It wouldn’t be the first time a goddess is turned Hag.  Funny it usually coincides with conversion to Christianity.  Threatened much?

This hag has long iron claws, yellow fangs and a horrible blue face.  She’s not just ugly, she’s really ugly.  She lives in cave that she dug out with her own claws called the Black Annis Bower.  She likes to prey on children that stray too close to Danes Hills.  She skins them and eats them and drinks their blood.  She hangs their skin in trees to dry. 

Yes, a truly unpleasant woman.

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  1. "Threatened much?" made me cackle. Heart this blog!