Friday, November 18, 2011

If you like milk and sitting by the fire…

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SSHL (Single Scottish Hairy Lass) seeks the company and possible smooches from SMMC (Single Scottish Mythological Creature).  Will gladly share dairy products and farm chores.  Good at cattle herding and animal husbandry.  Don’t judge a book by its cover.  Won’t you come out of the woods and sit by the fire with me?

-- Ad that appeared in the May addition of Faerie Folly Magazine’s, in the “Beltaine is for Lovers” supplement.*

So this is the third week of Hairy Beastie month and the last two beasties have been male.  I thought it was high time for a female.  And do you remember Mr. Urisk from last week?  He still needs a girlfriend.  I think I found just the lady – the Grugach.

I think of the Grugach as the bearded lady of the faerie world.  The Grugach is also called Grogans, Herders, Firesitters and Hairy Ones.  There are both male and female Grugachs, but today, I am going to concentrate on the fairer sex. 

Just because the Grugach is covered in hair doesn’t mean she’s warm. In fact, this heavy-set vixen is always cold.  She will knock upon a crofter’s door and if they let her to warm by the fire, she’ll take care of their cattle and protect them for other creatures that wish to do them harm.  If they are scared by her less than attractive appearance, she might just wreck the place or steal their livestock.  Serves ‘em right!

The Scottish Highlands are the Grugach’s favorite stomping grounds though she can be found in Ireland and the Isle of Man.  I can picture her in my mind walking through pastures cold and alone coming upon a crofters cottage and wondering if they will let her in. 

I think she just might work for the Urisk.  If they had babies, what would we call the baby?  A Grisk or a Urgach?  I like funny looking little bastard myself.

Next week is the last week of Hairy Beastie month.  I’ll be sad to see these guys go, but never fear!  December is just around the corner and I’ll have a new theme for you by then.  I’ll let you know when I figure it out!

*Get it?  Beltaine is May Eve.  You know, former Druidic festival in honor Baal, fire, ritual eating of cake, day when faeries most actively abduct good looking people?  Oh, never mind!

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