Friday, November 11, 2011

All by Myself

Cue the Bridget Jones Soundtrack  (Just for the record, I own it and love it!)

Lonely SMMC (Scottish Male Mythical Creature) seeks SANTP (Somebody, Anybody, Not Too Picky) to share dairy products and hours of quiet contemplation besides various bodies of water.  Don’t mind my goat legs and horns.  Good at farm work. 

 -- Ad that appeared in April’s addition of the Faerie Folly Magazine, right after the article Faerie Queens: Necessary or Archaic and before the Centerfold photograph, a rather raunchy picture of the Easter Bunny in nothing but his cotton tail.* 

Well, first let me thank you for joining me for the second week of Hairy Beastie month on Pixies Don’t Have Wings. 

Again, YAY for Hairy Beasties!!

This week I am featuring the Urisk.  If you haven’t already figured it out, he’s pictured above. 

The Urisk is a brownie (faerie creature, not dessert) that hales from the Scottish Highlands and can be found by isolated ponds, lakes and streams or strolling through woodland areas.  He is considered a solitary fae, i.e. he lives alone.  He appears as a slight human figure with hairy goat legs (not unlike that of a satyr or a faun) and sports a nice set of horns.   It’s funny how the ugly/misshapen ones often live alone while the pretty ones get to troop, dance and be merry with other pretty ones that troop, dance and are merry.  I somehow don’t see how this is fair.

The Urisk is a friendly creature and seeks out human companionship.  His appearance, however, ensures that most people that cross its path are sufficiently freaked out.  This is especially the case when he appears on a lonely road after dark. It doesn’t help that he gets all excited and chases after women he fancies.  Boy’s gotta learn how to play it cool.

Sometimes the Urisk gets a gig working as a field hand for a farmer.  In return, he received cream and a few scraps of clothing. 

So if we matchmakers, who would we fix the poor Urisk with?  I think I have an idea.  Check back next week for Faerie Friday and I’ll fill you in!

*Yes, my sad attempt at humor.

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