Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Monacielli “Little Monk”

I don't think the Monaciello would be wearing a cross, but I'm not sure.

Origin:  Naples, Italy

Description:  The Monacielli look like tiny chubby drunken monks.  They wear sandals and a brilliant red habit and hat.  They can turn into cats at will.

Disposition:  They are a pain in the ass to have around. They dwell in human houses where they pinch people (where I do not know), steal clothes, knock over wine glasses, dance on people’s chests when they sleep, and make a huge mess.  They are even known to cut off little girls’ braids.

Apparently, they have an obsessive compulsive streak.  If you leave out a sieve for them, they will spend hours counting each and every hole.  They are poor at math and this task will take hours - a great way to get one out of your hair for a while.

The Monaciello are known to guard a massive treasure.  If you can steal their hat, you can ransom it back to the chubby little guy for part of the treasure.  It can’t live without its hat.


  1. My cats act like this. I wonder if they are actually Monacielli. They do seem to have OCD, especially when it comes to tormenting the dogs. They must make a thorough job of it before the task is complete.

  2. Our cats just torment me! I think they enjoy getting my nerves and trying to kill me. I had one all most push me down the stairs today.