Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Turkish Honeymoon and Fairy Chimneys

 My husband and I honeymooned in Turkey.  I know that sounds like a strange place to honeymoon.  I can’t tell you how many times I was asked why.  It was as is if I told people we were going to Mars.   Some people assumed my husband is Turkish.  He isn’t.   People couldn’t wrap their brains around it. 

This truth is I’ve wanted to go to Turkey since I was 13 or 14.  When my husband and I were trying to figure out where to take our honeymoon, I threw out the idea of Turkey.  I was surprised that he was amendable to it.  In fact, he seemed as excited about it as I was.  So there started the planning of our two week long trip.  I did most of the planning.  I knew we were going to go to Istanbul (no brainer) and to the Roman city of Ephesus, but there was one more location that I wanted to see – Cappadocia.

This meant that we were going to stay in a cave hotel.  Yes, you read that correctly – a cave hotel. 

Our Hotel.  Let me tell you, all of the stairs were freaking horrible for my legs after all of  the hiking we did.  It was torture.

Me and the Hubs.  A storm coming in the background.

Cappadocia is located smack dab in the center of the country.  It hot and it’s dry, but the land is very fertile.   There is a plethora of vineyards and farms.  The landscape is unique, almost otherworldly.  

Truly gorgeous!

The area is famous for its "fairy chimneys.'

I know.  They look like giant erect penises protruding from the earth.  Everyone thinks so.  And I didn't even get good pics of the ones that really look like penises.

Earlier settlers to the area believed that faeries lived below these rock formations hence the name "fairy chimneys."  The reality is they were caused my lots of volcanic activity and then seeping water.  The result is breathtaking.

Here’s a picture of me during one of the before mentioned hiking trips.  I can’t remember if this is before or after I fell down and cracked my knee open.  I suspect it was before.  


  1. I'm working on a guest blog about fairies which leads me to an idea for a book. This blog actually is giving me a different idea. Glad you had fun on your honeymoon.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Glad my blog has sparked your imagination. Happy writing.

  3. The honeymoon sounds really nice... and the images are great. Love the

  4. TF - Thanks for stopping by. The whole trip was amazing.