Thursday, January 12, 2012

Away to fair Sardinia!

Hey, folks!  Before I get onto Faerie Friday, I’d like to remind everyone that Jami Gold is hosting a pitch session with Entangled Publishing over at her blog.  The session continues to January 16th.  You know what the means?  You have all weekend to get a pitch together.  They are looking for short pieces between 10k and 60k words with strong romantic elements.  Yes, that means that they are looking for a happy ending.  Well, isn’t everyone?  So if you have a short piece that you think they would like, get your butt over to Jami’s blog and check it out.  I left mine on Tuesday. 

Okay, now back to Faerie Friday!  It’s the second week of Vampire Faerie Month.

Writing Faerie Friday is probably my favorite part of every week.  I get to sit in my home office, listen to music and do this weird dance-while-sitting-indian-style thing.  Sometimes I bring a cocktail.  I have ten or so reference books scattered around and my blog notebook.  I’m in a pretty happy place.

Now, that we’re comfortable, today’s Faerie Friday takes us away to a beautiful island in the Mediterranean called Sardinia.  (The name makes me think of sardines which makes me sad, but that’s irrelevant.)

Behold Sardinia’s beauty. 

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I think I could be happy there.

Dwelling in caves in the hills of Sardinia, lives the Giane.  These faerie creatures started out as pretty standard wood sprites.  They were tall, about five feet tall (that is tall by Faerie standards) and stunningly beautiful with exception of their long breasts that they would fling over their shoulders.  I guess that’s one solution for tummy tits. 

The Giane would spend their time spinning and embroidering.  They were so adept at spinning they created veils that could cover entire valleys (i.e. the mist.)  They had the power to tell the future and to find treasure.  This was not enough for the Giane. 

Alone in their caves with no suitable mates to be found, the Giane grew bored and horny, but like any intelligent creature, they adapted.  They learned to sing and those songs would lure men into the caves. The Giane would pounce on the men and suck their blood.  They would do other things to them as well because, low and behold, three days later the Giane would give birth to half-breed with a penchant for raw meat.

Did I mention that they had steel finger nails and were reported to eat human flesh? 

This is the older version of the Giane.  Like most faerie creatures, they have been sanitized and now they are elf-like creatures that weave and sing and are generally well behaved.  I’d take the vicious kinky sex having vampires any day over their meek decedents.


  1. Never knew the story of the Giane. Very interesting.

  2. I was unaware of them until a few months back. Quite frightening actually.

  3. Floppy, boob flinging faeries! Do the boobs hinder flying?

  4. Funny you should ask that, Dionne. Most faeries, like the Giane, don't fly and don't have wings. Thanks for checking out the blog!